Data Center Consolidation

Data Center Consolidation

Optimize hardware resources while ensuring availability and reducing energy and maintenance costs by implementing modern data center consolidation technologies.

Rethinking your operational priorities – as a result of the ever changing economic environment, trends and new technologies – will generate new needs and, consequently, it will require changes in your infrastructure. Preserving cost-effectiveness and agility in operation means consolidating hardware equipment and technologies. Using the right technology is critical to meeting availability, scalability, security and compliance requirements.

Our team of data center consolidation experts will help you plan, manage and implement any consolidation project for your data centers. This may mean designing and deploying data centers from scratch, redesigning existing ones, reducing the overall size of current data centers or merging multiple data centers into one.

As part of a data center consolidation project, we can assist with migrating from a traditional infrastructure solution to a public cloud solution.

Here are some of the benefits of consolidating your data center:

Increased IT compliance and transparency

Data center consolidation increases compliance with standards. It does this, firstly, by promoting automation of processes and computer systems, eliminating human interventions as much as possible, while also reducing incident response times. Secondly, it isolates procedures and activities that can be governed by policies, rules, standards and performance indicators. Lastly, it facilitates the introduction of extensive audit capabilities that allow demonstration of operational compliance at a given point or for longer time periods.

Increased security

Consolidating a data center usually involves removing certain physical locations or equipment, while remaining components are arranged to act more tightly together. This more compact IT architecture involves fewer non-native or regional connections and boosts the capacity of the IT team to enforce security policies, to detect possible weak spots and to mitigate incidents.

Increased control

A centralized approach gives you the ability to optimize your IT Infrastructure. Consolidation allows the implementation of advanced protocols and superior IT management strategies, that can maximize bandwidth usage and performance of the network without overstretching applications or other components of the IT infrastructure. The resulting IT infrastructure management layer enables the IT team to exert more precise control over operations.

Reduced operational costs

Consolidating data centers inevitably results in fewer servers, routers and less overall equipment of your own, plus a better match between the equipment owned and how well it is used. In addition, you will enjoy standardized operations, critical applications definition, energy consumption reduction and reduced staff required for IT operations. All these factors make consolidation projects very attractive from an ROI perspective.

Business recovery

Data center consolidation makes it less challenging to plan, implement and execute disaster recovery solutions, because all vital components are in one place, allowing easier replication and recovery.