Web Application Development

Web Application Development

We develop first-rate web apps and websites for businesses.

We strive to transform client needs into an ideal web experience, which translates to profit, happy users and satisfied customers.

Custom Web Apps

From minimalistic portals, to strikingly complex websites, to information-rich dashboards or dispatching front-ends – we’ve done it all.
Our team is able to develop any type of web project, whether focused on presentation and responsiveness or whether it is an industrial-grade solution serviced by web-only front-ends. We cover all stages in a project’s life cycle, from conceptualization and business analysis, UI/UX design, software development, testing, delivery, to performance testing, response time and overload benchmarking, security testing and more.

We Speak Your Language

We use a variety of programming languages, diverse frameworks and different delivery methodologies.
We use ASP.NET, HTML5, CSS5, JS, Bootstrap, AngularJS, React.JS, Node.JS: and more. We work in Agile and in Waterfall. Behind the scenes, our back-ends are running microservices in optimized containers, developed in .NET Core.

Flexible Work Model

We are problem solvers. Our dynamic teams include business analysts, project managers, delivery managers, software developers, QA specialists, team leads with dedicated roles, strategic planners, designers and engineers. We’re able to run multiple projects simultaneously, handling client requests in a timely manner and delivering based on a large palette of work methodologies.