Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management

With Mobile Device Management, you can manage and secure your mobile assets and set them on autopilot. It helps provide a consistent user experience throughout your organization, while empowering your mobile workforce and optimizing IT overhead.

Our Mobile Device Management solution allows remote administration and configuration of mobile or fixed remote assets, as well as preventing employees from using devices other than intended.
We natively support Android, iOS, Windows and Linux devices.

The system allows a wide range of applications in various scenarios, such as:

  • restricting user interaction to a very targeted experience, suitable for blue collar workers or special educational projects;
  • tracking user and device behavior for integration with other applications, such as our own Field Management solution;
  • enforcing security and other policies for devices used within the organization;
  • reducing IT overhead associated with the management and service of mobile assets.

Deploy – Manage – Secure – Monitor
with Glacier Mobile Device Management


Kiosk mode restricts user access and enables centralized and automated management of existing applications, updates and system functions.


Security features - such as password management and security audits - ensure that mobile devices are fully protected from data leaks and unauthorized access. In case a device is lost or stolen, remote locking and wiping can reduce information leaks.


The absence of configuration processes facilitates enrolment of new users. Configuration is done automatically based on user roles and activity types.


By monitoring system resources, load and functional parameters, as well as tracking specific user behavior and system elements, both IT management and operational management of users and devices are optimized.
Get rid of the stress of having to constantly manage your mobile devices by automating the mobile device configuration process in your company.

Management Platform

The Management Platform is used by dispatchers, IT managers, mobile fleet administrators and unit managers.

This is the “office” component – an unified console to manage and track all different assets. This administration platform delivers easy-to-use remote centralized management of mobile and device fleets. It integrates several automation features and provides all necessary functionalities in a good looking package.
The admin console also enables the IT team to manage policies, updates, features and security.


OTA (Over The Air) enrollment
Automatic device configuration based on profiles
360-degree view of all devices configured in the system
Mobile App management
Content management
Security enforcing
Centralized user management and access security
Remote device management
Audit and tracking reporting
Deployment of restrictive user experience

Mobile App

Mobile App running silently on devices

The mobile app is the enforcer on the field. When set to Kiosk mode it is used to provide access only for approved Apps, based on profiles and specific user rights. It also limits OS features and system Apps and enforces policies and security restrictions.


Kiosk mode
Credential based login
Automatic synchronization of offline data when the app goes online
Update management of OS patches, Apps and system features
Restriction of user access OS and UI elements
Policy and security restriction enforcement
App and feature access restriction


Easily identification of errors
Full patch management
Login based on credentials
Smart inventory of mobile devices
Remote locking and wiping of mobile devices
Automatic installations and automatic app updates