Field Service Management

Field Service Management

Improve efficiency and transparency, cut costs and optimize your field service operations with Glacier Field Service Management, our flagship solution.

Your field teams should be delivering quality services, in a timely and transparent manner.

Our Field Service Management solution allows organizations to plan, manage, track and optimize the work of their field workers.

FSM worker

Glacier Field Service Management brings all necessary information to any worker’s mobile device. It then guides the execution of the work, step by step, ensuring nothing is missed and reducing the likelihood of human errors. It allows dispatchers to see in real time what their teams are doing and where they are, in order to better plan routes and to anticipate accurate delivery times.
The system also enables the automation of the entire logistics chain underlying field services, such as on-site filling and printing of documents, stock & inventory management, sales, contracting and more.

Key Benefits

Increasing productivity
Eliminating human errors
Reducing the number of unresolved incidents
Reducing travel time
Reducing fuel costs
Increasing sales through up-sell and cross-sell with your field teams
Optimizing allocated routes in real time
Maximizing the efficiency of field technicians


Map based routing and dispatching
Calendar based work and teams view
Printing of forms and contracts on the field
Work time management
GPS location of mobile devices
Fast route planning
Inventory tracking
Running as a master system or integrated with third party ERPs, Glacier Field Service Management is designed for efficient, real-time management of field teams, optimal planning of work orders, automation, dynamic order allocation, overall optimization, tracking, reporting and mobile stock management.

The Dispatching App

Assign the right technicians to the right job, fast and effortlessly.

The dispatching app ensures the dispatchers have a correct overview at all times and that they are able to send the right people to do the right job, at the right time – either manually or automatically.
By implementing assignment rules based on the skills and mobile inventories of the technicians, the app helps increase incident resolution rates and it helps improve time-to-final-delivery.
Dispatchers can view on the map, in real time, the exact location of the field teams and their operational status, as well as the location of all work orders.
Through simple drag’n’drop menus in the Gantt area of the console, work orders are manually assigned and the schedule of the field teams is visible for reference.
By interfacing Glacier FSM with SAP or other ERPs, work orders are automatically received and their outcome is automatically synced, along with a host of associated data, depending on the requirements of each scenario.

FSM Appointments General View Glacier
FSM Appointments General View Glacier
At the end of the day, the powerful yet minimalist dispatching console enables a natural synergy between dispatchers, operators, managers and field teams, that in turn ensures an improved operational efficiency with less of the hustle involved in delivering field services.
Through the mobile app, the Glacier Field Service Management becomes the center of your field teams work management.

Mobile App

The mobile app is designed for mobile devices of field users.

The mobile FSM app is the workhorse of the system. Here that field teams receive their work, commit to execution and ultimately fill in all required information.
The app employees step-by-step execution scenarios for each work order type, effectively determining how a particular work is delivered, ensuring no step is missed and no information is skipped. Each execution scenario is entirely configurable by system administrators to match all realities on the field.
Each execution step can be as restrictive or as flexible as desired, as required by the specific work being carried out.
The mobile app allows: GPS and timestamp tracking at any point in the execution scenario, photo attaching, mobile printing of forms, contracts and invoices, electronic signature capturing, device integration via Bluetooth and much more.
The mobile app also ensures real-time communication of various status information to the dispatchers and allows integration with other system apps on the mobile devices, as required.
The system is designed to run even in the absence of mobile data coverage of the mobile devices. The mobile FSM app will ensure the data is synchronized with the FSM servers when the connection is re-established.
A significant part of route optimization takes place inside the mobile FSM app, when it is integrated with the mobile navigation software.